SunshineQuest splash screen

View the game in the Windows Store.

Sort out your summer items with SunshineQuest. This is a strategy game that trains your brain cells and thinking ability. The goal of each game is to hide the unnecessary items using the cover controls until the target item visibility has been reached.

You can play it anywhere: on the way to work, at home, in your bed, you name it. It is perfectly suitable for people of all ages – I had to set the age limit to 12 due to ads appearing in the game. Otherwise the game is void of any content not suitable for children.

The games can be timed. You can set this feature in the Settings pane. A score is then saved for the finished level. The best score will appear on the game menu icon.

The game consists of 48 levels grouped into 4 stages: easy, medium, hard and advanced. The first 12 levels, i.e. the easy ones are free. You can buy the rest of the levels for a small fee.

The game display Windows ads by default – you can disable them from the Settings menu for a small fee.

This is the main menu where you can select your game. The best scores of each timed game is shown on the game icons:

SunshineQuest main menu

This is the game board of a timed game with time taken to the right of the title. You can see the blue cover controls to the left of the summer icon boards. The goal is to position the controls on the icon boards so that they only show the target items. Example: if the target is to show 5 cocktails then 5 cocktails must stay visible and the rest hidden by the cover controls.

SunshineQuest game board

You can drag and drop the cover controls onto the icon boards to hide the unnecessary items. You can flip the controls by double-tapping or double-clicking them.

SunshineQuest cover controls

The game is complete when all covers have been used placed onto the icon boards and only those items are visible that are defined as the goal of the game.

Game complete

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