SecureMessage splash screen

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Updated package currently under certification.

SecureMessage is an application which helps you send encrypted messages to other people. You’ll be able to send messages securely to other persons with a SecureMessage account. Is anyone eavesdropping on the communication between you and the recipient? Well, let them, you don’t need to worry. All they will see is a jumble of meaningless characters.

The messages are encrypted with a very strong random cryptographic key that’s only used once and then discarded. They can only be deciphered with your even stronger private key which is generated at random when you create your user profile. For extra security this private key is not stored in any central database. Instead, it is safely tucked away in your user profile within the application. All private security keys are unique to your profile. The application uses well tested and accepted industry standard encryption algorithms.

The app now comes with SecureConversation which takes messaging security a step further. Each message is protected by randomly generated cryptographic keys for both encryption and decryption. The keys are dedicated to a single caller and are discarded after use.

User guide:

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