SecureMessage user profiles

First use

When you use SecureMessage for the first time you will be asked to create your primary profile after logging in. The following screen will appear:

SM Create first user

Provide a user name with the following rules:

  • Max 20 characters
  • The username is allowed to contain non-English characters such as öåä and spaces – however, you’ll need to remember the exact username so a name using the English alphabet and no spaces is recommended
  • The names are case insensitive: ‘john’ is considered the same as ‘John’ and ‘joHn’

Press create and the profile creation process will start. You’ll be notified if the chosen username has been taken already. Upon successful profile creation you’ll see the following empty screen with your username on top:

First user created

When you’re done creating your profile make sure to save it by following the guidelines in the page on exporting and restoring your profile. That page will also tell you how to use the ‘From ticket’ option of this profile creation window.

Secondary identities

You can create one primary and two secondary profiles, i.e. 3 different usernames. The only difference between a primary and a secondary username is that the application will by default select your primary profile after logging in.

You can create a secondary profile by clicking ‘Add identity’ in the bottom app bar to the left:

SM bottom app bar

The following screen will appear:

SM add secondary identity window

The same process and rules apply as when creating the primary profile. Each one of your profiles will receive its own set of random cryptographic keys.

You can switch between your profiles by clicking or tapping on the profile name. A list of available profiles will appear. Click the one you’d like to view:

SM select identity

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