SecureMessage profile handling

Exporting your profile

Your private encryption key – or keys if you have multiple profiles – are stored within the application for security reasons: it wouldn’t be wise to store them in a central database where some professional hacker or agency could locate them. They could then read your messages without you noticing it.

However, this means that if you need to install SecureMessage on a device then your profiles cannot be retrieved. If you install SecureMessage on a Windows 8 desktop but you’d like to use it on your Windows 8 Surface tablet then there’s no way for the tablet to know that you already have a SecureMessage account.

It is therefore highly recommended that you export your profiles in a so-called ticket. Your profile data will be written to a file in an encrypted form. Make sure you store it in an external place that can be reached from other Windows devices, such as your SkyDrive storage.

Export your profiles ticket by selecting Export ticket in the bottom app bar:

SM bottom app bar

The Windows file location selector will appear. Navigate to a location which can be accessed by different devices, such as an external drive, a pen-drive or your SkyDrive account and save the file. The file will have an ‘smticket’ file extension.

Importing your profiles ticket

If you install SecureMessage on another device then you can import your profiles ticket to restore your original identities. The Create identity window will be shown:

SM Create first user

Click on the From ticket button. The following dialog will appear:

Restore identities

Navigate to the previously saved ticket file and click Create to restore your identities.

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