SecureMessage login

Login providers

You can choose to log in using 4 different providers:

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Google

Select any of these and log in with your username and password to the selected provider. You can also save your preference so that you can log in faster upon subsequent usages. With some of these providers you will need to give your consent so that application can continue. Read the consent screen carefully. It may say that the application will have access to some of the resources on Twitter/Facebook/Google. The login is necessary as only authenticated users may send and receive messages through the Windows Azure service provider. Otherwise SecureMessage will *NOT* use your credentials in any way.

I, Andras Nemes, the creator of SecureMessage, guarantee the following:

  • The application does not store your credentials.
  • The application does not use your Facebook/Twitter/Google/Microsoft account to extract data about you
  • Your credentials are only used to make sure that you are an authenticated user – without this step i it wouldn’t be possible to send and receive messages through the messaging provider
  • The application does not send your credentials to any other application or third party organisations

If you select and store Microsoft as your preferred log-in method then the application will attempt to automatically log you in the next time:

Logging in with Microsoft credentials

This will significantly speed up the log-in process.

You can reset your login provider preference under the Settings menu:

Save auth provider

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