SecureConversation user guide

To open

SecureConversation can be opened from the SecureMessage app bar:

To reach SecureConversation from appbar

To initiate a secure conversation

You can send an invitation to another user by clicking or tapping the Send invitation button in the bottom app bar:

Send new SecureConversation invitation

To check invitations

You can load the list of incoming invitations by clicking or tapping the Unhandled invitations button in the bottom app bar. This is where you can accept or refuse the conversation:

Check incoming SecureConversation requests

To start the conversation

You can check all confirmed invitations using the Accepted by recipient button:

Check accepted invitations

Here you can start the conversation by pressing the message cloud icon for the appropriate invitation. You can also revoke the invitation.

Sending the first message

Upon pressing the Start conversation option in the above window you can write the first message:

Send SecureConversation message

This is the same popup as in SecureMessage but here you cannot change the recipient.

The Reply and Delete app bar buttons have exactly the same function as their SecureMessage counterparts.

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