MagicSeven Splash Screen

View the game in the Windows Store.

Here comes your next favourite card game: MagicSeven! Counter the opponent’s moves and collect as many value cards as possible to win the game. Use your cards wisely and strategically and grab the initiative.

The deck consists of 32 cards. They come in values 2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11 – of which 10 and 11 are value cards – and 4 colours: green, blue, red and yellow. The objective is to win more value cards than the opponent. There are 3 different ways to counter the opponent’s move and win the round. The card with value 7 is special as it can be used to counter any card. The game includes a detailed list of rules.

The game consists of 4 tournament types: single game, first to 3 wins, first to 5 wins and first to 7 wins. You can select among 5 levels of difficulty: basic, junior, medium, advanced and champion. You can play it anywhere: on the way to work, at home, in your bed, you name it.

It is perfectly suitable for people of all ages – I had to set the age limit to 12 due to ads appearing in the game. Otherwise the game is void of any content not suitable for children.

MagicSeven was found to be completely clean of viruses/spyware components by the Windows8 certification team. It’s been therefore granted the “100% CLEAN” award.

The start menu with the tournament choices:

Tournament choices

Initial game board where your cards are displayed in the bottom:

Initial game play

Watch out for the short notifications in the bottom during game play. They tell you if it is your turn to start the round or you have the option to counter the computer’s card:

Short notifications

Current game and tournament scores are shown on the screen:


You can view the game rules with examples in the settings menu:

Rules examples

You can select the level of difficulty and toggle sound effects in the settings menu:

Game options

The game and tournament winner is announced at the end of the game:

Tournament winner

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